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Sciatica and Lower Back Pain Patient Testimonial

Gayle has been suffering from severe sciatica and lower back pain off and on for over 50 yrs from mild pain to almost unbearable pain. Gayle says “when I leave after treatments my back feels wonderful, with time, I’m hoping it will stay that way. I couldn’t be happier with every person there. How so many capable and just plain nice people got together, I don’t know; but I sure am glad they did-and I found them. I heard about 21st Century Oak Lawn Chiropractic from my son who was in worse pain then I was. He is now at zero pain. He had tried everything for relief and nothing worked until he came to 21st Century Oak Lawn Chiropractic. His success helped me come over my misgivings. I’m glad I did.”


Herniated Disc, Back and Shoulder Pain, and Long Term Injuries Patient Testimonial

Darlene Balzekas came to our office with long term injuries, herniated discs, and back and shoulder pain. After a few treatments, most of her leg parasthesia is gone. “They’ve helped me with other problems I had no idea chiropractic care could help. Everyone is so compassionate, friendly, smiling and helpful that it’s almost too good to be true! Also, the environment is cleaner than many hospitals I’ve seen or worked at. I’m so grateful to have found you!”


Difficulty Walking and Back Pain Patient Testimonial

Leo had difficulty walking and had severe pain in his back. He had an inflamed pinched nerve in his back and he had to take 3+ ibuprofen just to walk. Over activity on a weekend painting that lasted for two weeks he finally came to 21st Century Oak Lawn Chiropractic. Leo now says he feels 1000% better and can now do everything and his back never felt better. Leo says “the staff is very great. The treatments really work. I would recommend them to anyone. I like the method of treatment. Staff is very knowledgeable."


Colon Surgery, Stroke, Fibromyalgia, and Rheumatoid Arthritis Testimonial

"Within 1-2 weeks of going to this wonderful place I almost have a normal life."


Lower Back Pain Patient Testimonial

“Lower back pain, losing my balance (equilibrium) and stumbling on the last stair caused me to fall, resulting in a cracked tooth, broken finger and an injury to my head. Two years I have gone to three different therapists with no results. Thanks to Dr. Helwig and family, my pain has subsided. Their office and staff make you feel like you are part of the family.”


Spondylolithesis Testimonial

"The machines have helped my back."


Neck and Back Pain, Double Vision, and Numbness Patient Testimonia

William had neck and back pain, double vision, and numbness in right hand. William suffered this pain for 10 years. Since he had received treatment form 21st Century Oak Lawn Chiropractic his double vision is 95% corrected. His lower back has immensely improved and his neck is 80% better. “The staff and doctor were friendly and relaxed.”


Lower Back, Leg, and Neck Pain Patient Testimonial

For the past four years, Victoria Barber has been living life with pain in her lower back, legs, and neck. She had trouble sleeping, nausea, depression and couldn’t think straight. “At about a third of the way through treatment, my mind is clearer, I have no nausea, I’ve been sleeping better and my pain is light,” she said. “I’m a shy person, but they remember my name and are caring."


Fibromyalgia Testimonial

"I've been to over 25 doctors."


Lower Back Pain Patient Testimonial

The first day Emma walked into our office she said that she had excruciating pain mostly in her lower back, but included all nerves. Emma was unable to walk and one day she was riding her motor scooter through the mall when she noticed a booth offering consultations by appointments so Emma made her appointment to come meet with Dr. Helwig. She was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago. Emma said that after receiving treatment from Dr. Helwig she was 200% better and she is now back to a normal life. Emma says “Dr. Helwig is my guardian angel, confidence booster, the first Doctor that doesn’t make me feel like another file. Dr. Helwig and staff make me feel like Family.”

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